About Us

About Us


The promise of the …And How to Get It! series is to empower readers with the information they need to fulfill their goals. Whether those goals involve a healthy body, a great sex life, or a self-sustaining vegetable garden, each book takes the reader on a step by step journey towards getting what they want.

Unlike comparable series of the past such as …For Dummies or The Complete Idiot’s Guide… our books are shorter, more succinct, and better designed for today’s hard copy or digital book buyers. We want our readers to be able to attain what they want without all the extraneous material and filler often found in other guides. We provide the essential scoop without the fluff with concrete advice and a specific game plan. Our expert-authors are carefully selected to coach the reader through to his or her goal with the encouraging voice of experience and a wealth of knowledge behind them.

Still, the …And How to Get It! books are far from dull and academic. Entertainingly light and conversational with a good amount of appropriate humor, we like to sprinkle in fun bits of facts and trivia – nobody said goal attainment had to be all hard work! Our approach, however, is never at the expense of detouring from the topic at hand or bogging down the reader in an encyclopedic swamp of endless unusable information. We understand that the readers of today want their information provided quickly, clearly, and practically.

Who are the readers of the …And How to Get It! series? In an ideal world – everyone! For the most part, however, they are the technologically savvy, social media adept younger crowd of today. Their parents probably bought the …For Dummies guides when they were introduced. Our series is the next generation’s gateway to getting the information they want.

Today anyone can research a topic on the web ad nauseum and come up with a good general understanding. Think Wikipedia, Wise Geeks, and EZine. But our readers know that’s only part of the story and often a repetitive one at that thanks to the phenomenon of article spinning.

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