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Expressing Sexual Desire by Sabrina Rogers-Anderson

Even for the most confident and outgoing person, expressing sexual wants can be intimidating. Here are a few tips and tricks to help it go smoothly. Pick the right time to talk: If you try to bring it up as your partner is dashing off to work, chances are you won’t get anywhere, and you […]

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Casino Advantage by Greg

Casinos have a built-in 10% advantage for every sports wager. The allure of sports gambling is–it is not a fixed advantage. If gamblers can find the right wager, they can remove that 10% disadvantage. However, 10% is a large disadvantage to overcome. Millions of people wager on sporting events on a daily basis and most […]

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Greg Elder on Betting Systems

Chapter 9- Betting Systems and Money Management Betting systems and money management are sometimes used interchangeably in reference to gambling. When I refer to a betting system, I am talking about a distinct betting pattern. A system of betting would be raising your bet after a win (winning progression) or lowering your bet after a […]

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Improving your Love Life

There’s no doubt that being young and in love, without the responsibilities that come with having a family, is a great stage of life that should be enjoyed to the fullest. But that doesn’t mean your sex life is perfect. In fact, there are probably many things you can improve upon. I’ve compiled some of […]

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How Much Sharing Is Too Much? When it comes to fantasies, should you tell your partner everything? That’s up to you, but it can be a good idea to keep some things to yourself. If you’ve been fantasizing about the new neighbor or your partner’s best friend, you might not want to share that information—it’s […]

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Healthy Advice from Shannon

Mistake #1: Overdoing Cardio Training When many people set out on the goal to lose fat, the very first thing they do is run straight to the cardio machines. They figure, the more cardio training they can get in, the faster they are going to be moving to their end goal. So they run on […]

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Better Sex Tips from Sabrina

Goal No. 2: Get Over Your Hang-Ups A common issue for people in their late teens and twenties is that lack of self-confidence can prevent them from letting go and enjoying themselves in bed. “I don’t have a super-fit body, so I get self-conscious sometimes,” says Blair. “I love sex, so I’m not going to […]

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