Healthy Advice from Shannon

Mistake #1: Overdoing Cardio Training
When many people set out on the goal to lose fat, the very first thing they do is run straight to the cardio machines. They figure, the more cardio training they can get in, the faster they are going to be moving to their end goal.
So they run on that treadmill or cycle away on that bike like a hamster on a wheel. Morning and night – they are in the gym as often as they can be ‘doing their time’ on the cardio machines.
And while don’t get me wrong, some cardio training can and most likely should be part of a well-balanced fitness program, this is entirely the wrong way to go about things.
If you find yourself doing more than an hour or two total of cardio training per week, you can now classify yourself as a ‘cardio bunny’ – as these people are often called.
There are numerous problems with doing this much cardio training.

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