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• Lower Stress Levels
Finally, the last big benefit that resistance training has to offer is a much lower level of stress as well. Stress is something that you must be taking control over in your life as it can really come back to impact you in many negative ways if you aren’t careful.
Stress is something that can be unavoidable at times, but with the right strategies in place, you can help to at the very least, reduce your level. Resistance training is one such strategy.
When you perform intense exercise such as resistance training, you’ll be releasing a number of positive endorphins in the body that will give you a rush of energy, cause you to feel good, and help you feel more calm, collected, and relaxed.
Basically, it’s like a feel good sensation – a euphoria almost. Not to mention the fact that lifting weight simply proves to be stress releasing in itself as it has a similar impact on the mind as say punching a wall (for those of you who like to use force to release pent up stress!).
So resistance training is one of the healthier ways that you can take out some of your built up anger and frustration.

As you can see, there is definitely no shortage of benefits to be had from resistance training. This isn’t even the full list – but it’s the main points that will serve to open your eyes best as to why you must be doing this variation of training.
If you can only do one type of exercise variation, resistance training should be your choice.
Of course there are other variations of exercise – group fitness classes, yoga, pilates, etc, and those are fine to do in addition to your program if you wish, but keep in mind that these are the three primary exercise forms that most activity will fall into.
Now before we move forward, I want to take a little bit of time to talk about how your body type will influence the type of exercise you should be doing as this is critical

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